PIAF Series

« Nudity is flesh’s eloquence. » Daniel Darc 

Founded in 2016, domestique is an atelier designing accessories and objects inspired by a reflection on desire and eroticism. Appropriating bondage-sadomasochism’s (BDSM) imagery, domestique transforms and elevates them into luxurious and insolent accessories. 

Being design objects, erotic tools and fashion accessories, it’s the impertinent versatility that characterizes best our atelier’s spirit. 

Harnesses, handcuffs and paddles are here imagined as jewelry, belts or decorative objects. Freed of BDSM’s clichés, these tools can be interpreted by their owners as they wish : sophisticated, they tend to be worn directly on the skin at night and on top of clothing during the day, sparking curiosity, desire and reflection. 

Spearheaded by Bastien Beny, our creative director, every domestique piece is conceived and manufactured in and around Paris. Our products are handcrafted from distinctive natural tanned leather, non-allergenic metals and highlighted by particularly detailed finishings. 

The first series, named « piaf », consists of seven sophisticated designs in black leather and gold or silver metallic finishings. 

Over the insolent monikers of each creation, the bondage- sadomasochism’s (BDSM) aesthetic is tamed and controlled to be- come as light as a feather, the leitmotiv of the collection. 

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