At domestique, we have made the choice of sourcing and buying the best materials within Paris in order to have the best impact on local economy and be near our suppliers.

DESIGN: Bastien & Simon co-create the Series together. The process takes place in the Creative Lab, located in Paris.

HARDWARE: designed, made and plated within Paris. Most of the time, the hardware is mostly brass, plated whether with gold 24K, or silver palladium. Sometimes, it happens to be zamak, plated whether with gold 24K, or silver palladium. In any case, hardware parts are made to last and non-allergenic.

LEATHER: the leather we use at domestique is naturally tanned calfskin from Italy and Norway. What does that mean? Calfskin is already a proof of high quality. However, in order to achieve the perfection of a beautiful accessory which leather will increasingly get more beautiful as time passes by, we’ve chosen to get it naturally tanned. This means that your leather is unique thanks to a blend of time, know-how and craftmanship. And of course, non-allergenic, since no chemical product is involved in the process.

POLYURETHANE: the polyurethane we use is made in Italy and Germany. It has a soft matte texture. We’re currently seeking for the perfect recycled polyurethane, that would fit into our quality criteria.

PRODUCTION: Everything is handmade in our Creative Lab in Paris, except for our hardware, made at our Parisian suppliers.

WAXED ROPE: the rope used is 100% waxed acrylic from Japan. It comes from Japan for a unique reason: this is hitherto the best waxed rope you can find thanks to the high standards achieved by the craftsmen.