It is always possible to do better, which is why we are constantly striving to make new commitments in favor of the planet. Our specifications (already demanding) are being completed, but today we are sharing with you all the actions that we have already put in place.

Domestique has chosen to work hand in hand with artisans and suppliers located within a 2km radius around our workshop in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. We are fully committed to preserving French and Parisian know-how. Thus, Domestique participates in local economic development by choosing local partners and promoting short circuits.

We favor soft transport, we travel by bike, on foot and by public transport in Paris to reach our suppliers.

Domestique is committed to offering eco-designed and repairable products in order to fight against planned obsolescence. We want our creations to accompany you as long as possible. The choice of suppliers, the mastery of leather goods know-how and the sourcing of raw materials: everything is designed to make responsible and sustainable accessories.

Since 2016, domestic has been inviting you to think and engage differently.
Since 2018,domestic has been labeled “ Made in Paris ” and is involved with En Mode Climat and Paris Good Fashion .

Domestique strives to adhere to a zero stock and zero waste policy. Optimization of patterns, use of leather scraps for prototyping, sorting of waste: from design to production, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

We pay particular attention to our energy consumption within our workshop: use of our machines, lighting in the workshop, recovery of supplies, etc.

Our workshop is located within the largest responsible fashion incubator in Europe, La Caserne in Paris 10th. We are listed as an 'art workshop' in Paris, witness to the quality of our manufacturing and our efforts to preserve Parisian know-how.
We invite you to come and discover our manufacturing secrets by coming to meet us.

We communicate with complete transparency about our conditions and our production methods, our environmental approach, our footprint in favor of local products.
A question? Write to us at:, we will be happy to answer you.

Domestique does not follow the seasonal calendar established by fashion and offers timeless creations.
We focus on quality and creativity (and our sanity) by taking the time necessary to design our products.
We strive to bring up to date a more reasoned, more respectful and more authentic production.
In short, new collections are shared with you when they are ready and completed for us.